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I am Who I am 

Karla Davis-Luster


Fashion to me is like oxygen. It's something that will always be apart of my everyday function. I find Fashion to be very intimate and personal like a relationship. It's a way to complete one's self through a garment. A simple garment worn and put together right, can explode into a unique eye catching masterpiece like art. A persons style can change the way that they are perceived, be it one way or another. I like to think that I am a chameleon always assimilating into whatever trend deemed hot for the season. Spoken from a true style caterpillar/butterfly, you can be anybody you want, who you are, that's "Who I Am".


Parsons X Teens Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials Certificate 2020

(Subsidiary/School Project Runway on Lifetime TV)

Fashion & Creative Work

Fashion Stylist "Freelance" 

1982 - Current 

  • Styled two Grammy Attendees (2013) 

  • 27 Prom individuals

  • A numerous amount of individuals for Events, Photoshoots, and Magazine Covers. 

  • 9 Wardrobe Upgrades for Professional Women in high ranking positions. 

Interior Designer "Freelance"

1997 - Current 

  • 17 Crew Lounge Remodels for McDonalds Corporation. 

  • 6 Image Upgrades for Mrs. Field's Cookies 

  • 14 home image improvements/remodels

  • A numerous amount of freelance projects 




"Published Author"

No ghost writer used

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